Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Winner!

So first off I want to say Thank you all for stopping by and all your kind comments.

But I am sure you all just want to know who the winner is for my blog conest, and here you go.....

Kim said...
Hi Sara,I also left a comment on Becky's blog. How wonderful and amazing of you to offer not one but TWO opportunities to capture fantastic memories through photography. My photos would be of my family. Myself, my husband our daughter (4 years) and our son (16 months). We have NEVER had a family portrait and NEVER a location shot. We live in Cincinnati and LOVE it. Thanks again! Kim

CONGRATS Kim on winning (shoot me a email so we can figure out details)

I truely wish I could do a free photoshoot for you all, but because I cant I want to offer a special deal. Everyone who left a comment on the last post I am offering a specail deal price of $70 photoshoot. So If your interested shoot me an email( ). I would love to take your photos!

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms.

Plus dont forget to keep a look out on beckys blog for another winner.

Thanks again :)

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