Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shoemaker Family

I had the the awesome honor of photographing the Shoemaker family today.
I first met Jessica and Justin to do there engagement photos last year.
And this time I got to do a family photo shoot with there awesome son/stepson Braden.
It was a SUPER hot morning but every one did awesome!
This was also my first real shoot with my NEW camera so I was pretty excited!
And they turned out AWESOME.

We started out at Devou Park which was my first time there and it was super great.

It had these AMAZING views of the city......
This is one of my favorites!

We then wen back to there house to do some more photos.
They have the perfect stairs on the side of the house for photos!
Braden was really excited about me meeting Sadie and I could tell her really loves here!
The one on the left is HANDS down my FAVORITE!
And of course its not a really family photo with out the other family member Sadie (the dog)

Thanks again Jessica and Justin for letting me capture your family.
Had a GREAT time! Hope you enjoy!

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