Monday, November 8, 2010

Dudley Family

So I have to say these are my FAVORITE kind of family photos. What do you mean I asked? I love when you can just see how much families really love each other through the photos, and how everyone's personality just comes through the photos. This family has 3 kids under the age of 3. And getting a perfect photo isn't what its about. I know everyone worries about getting photos done when they have little kids. But DON'T because the best photos is where everyone is just being who they are. And these photos are ALL about that. 

So this is the lovely Dudley Family. I have know Jill since high school and have know Don about the same, if not longer. They are a great family with super cute kids. I did there baby girls newborn photos and now she is 6 months old! Yikes! Time flies. So check out the goodness.

See how does this not make you happy!

These boy are just too cute.

And they LOVE there lil sister. Its really so cute how they are with here.

This is my favorite!

E was so funny. And he was such a good chatter. For being 2 he did GREAT with getting solo photos.

J is the big brother and by far was easy easy. And cute!

And of course the lil girl of the family. Who is so loved! She is just beyond cute.

Seriously look at those eyes! AMAZING!

We had to also get some of Mom and Dad.    
Thanks Don and Jill for letting me capture your family. I really hope you love these as much as I do!
stinkowoman said...

Great pictures of a great family! LOVE these people!!

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