Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lemoine Family

This is the wonderful family that I nanny for! I was pretty excited Antje asked me to do these family photos for them. I get to spend all day with these cute girls so it was great to capture the whole family in photos . Toby, there dog, even got to get in on the fun. Hope you enjoy the preview Randall and Antje!

 This photo is my favorite. Getting both girls to look at the same time and looking happy wasn't easy.
But we got it! And I am VERY happy. They are a super cute family!

 I mean really? Cutest things ever! I really am lucky to spend all day with these girls!

 If you knew this family you would know that this picture shows all THREE of there children. Toby is really there first child. I am glad they brought him along for the photos. And all three looking = success!

Both girls REALLY love there daddy. Kenzie was a bit over pictures at this point, but we got a cute shot of Lexi with her daddy. 

Thanks again guys!

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