Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yates { Family Phots}

 This is the Yates Family. 
I got the pleasure to nanny M&Z last year and through the summer. Its was so great seeing them again and taking there family photos again this year! Kim was up for anywhere to do there photos and I am so happy we did them on the bridge.Hope you enjoy this preview Kim!
 Leroy(the dog) is for sure a important part of there family so they always make sure to get him in them too!
 The views of the city was such a great back ground. Seriously look how tall M & Z are getting! Crazyness!
 After a few minutes of warming back up to me they were both very chatting and telling me about tons going on in there lives now.
M showing off here model side. She does it well. 

 There grandma was in town so we got her in some of the photos too!
I do miss getting to see this family every day. But it was a lot of fun catching up with them.
And capturing there family.

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