Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Caidan {Now FOUR}

I am trying to get things updated over here on this blog. 
While me and my sister made a trip up to my other sisters house to see her new baby I took the time to also take pictures of her other kids whos birthdays were/are coming up soon. 

Caidan is the oldest and turned 4 a few weeks ago.
I LOVE this boy, but the last few years he has made it VERY hard to get a good photo of him.
But this year he was my PERFECT model. He was so excited to go with me on a "trip" to take some photos of just him. And was equaly excited to see the end results of the photos. 

I might just love him even more, and it helps that he is so UBER cute!

 Rock star!

 He is for sure our funny boy!

Love you Caidan!
sagreen125 said...

what a stinker, but so, so cute

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