Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Seiving Family | it is WORTH it

I have know the Sieving Family for a few years now. Their little boy is best friends with my nanny girls. So over the years we have gotten the pleasure of knowing each other. 
Its such a honor you guys asked me to capture your family again.

All you moms know how hard it is to get every one together, outfits picked out, 
find the right time so once a year you can capture your family. And when I look 
at these imagens I hope you have the same feeling I do that its SO worth it. 
To see these happy faces. The moments when they squeeze you so tight.
 Because we all know kids grow up WAYYYY too fast! 
And these are the moments we don't want to forget!

So Mom's and Dad's don't let the years go by with out capturing these moments!!

Hope you enjoy the preview Gina :) It was worth it!

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