Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bruegge Family | New Blog Design

I have been working on some fun things with my photography. 

And part of it was this fun new blog look. So take a look around. Enjoy!
 Photography has been such a fun passion for me for awhile, and at this point it was something
I really want to focus on and create a business that can support me, because its something I LOVE. 

And what great way to show off this new blog look with this awesome family!

Photo Sessions with friends seems like such a dream, we get to talk and hang out and I get to capture
the cuteness of their family. THIS is what I hope for all my clients, I want it to be fun and relaxed
 and no one to feel the pressure to be "perfect" just be your selves and relax and let me do what I do. :)

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