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What is Sara Green Collevtive 

Sara Green Collective was created because of my love of creating beautiful things. 
I have been a photographer at Sara Green Photography for around 10 years now and while I love capturing children and families there's so much more I LOVE too.

I have always loved Interior design and Home decor, as a young girl I would pick  HGTV shows to watch any day over cartoons. And then I went to school for Interior design and during that time I knew it wasn't something I wanted to do full time, more so I didn't want to work at a design firm. But years later I still have this passion to help people create beautiful spaces and I want to Sara Green Collective to be just that. So weather you are just looking for some design inspiration or you have a big or small design project you want help with I hope I can do that for you.

If you are wanting help designs a space check out some options I have for you here-
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