Friday, March 31, 2017

Donut Baby Shower | Party Planning

Did you know that not only do I do photography, but I am super passionate about party planning?!?

Well I am. I had so much fun planning this Donut Baby Sprinkle for a dear friend of mine.   
A friend of our hosted at her house and did the food. 
And let me do all the decor. It was the best team ever.

And if I didn't know before this shower, I do now, that if you give me something 
that fills me up I CAN stay up late. One night, I stayed up wayyyyy past my bed time 
creating stuff for this shower and had a blast doing it. Its true, do the things that FILL YOU UP! 

So now on to all the pretty things!


Sources: Sprinkled with love Banner made with Alphabet Punch Board // Tassel Banner Similar // Donut Printable for Banner // Printable for Jars // Plates and Napkins from Home Goods

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