Monday, July 29, 2019

How Sara Green Collective Design Service Works

If you are new to following along,  Hello I am Sara. I created this space, with the hope, to help every day people create a home they LOVE. Whether that's through you hiring me to help you create that space or just simply following along to be inspired by things I do in my home or things I share.

If you are looking to hire me to help with a room in your home I thought it would
 be helpfulto go through the steps on how it works so you are informed.

When you first contact me about your space I will ask you to send pictures and fill out a 
questionnaire so I can get a better idea of your space. I have a couple different
 options of design services I offer, you can check them out here.
Interior Design Price List

For the most budget friendly option the whole process is done through email. I really wanted to give people an option that was affordable to everyone, because I am super passionate about everyone having a home they love, and I know it's just not doable for everyone to hire an interior designer that cost a lot of money. 
But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to have a home that you love.

Once I get pictures of your space, you have filled out the questionnaire and I get a understanding of what you are looking for I put together a mood board for your room. From there it's finalizing
 what things you love and that will work for your room, I will then put together a shopping list 
of all the items along with a list of where everything will go!

If this is something you are interested in, or just have questions about the process you can contact me at  -

Monday, June 19, 2017

Party Animal Birhtday Party | Party Post

In my family all my niece and nephews birthdays are in the summer. So this year we are doing one big part for them all. And how cute are these ideas for Party Animals Birthday party!! 

And make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom so you can see how you can create 
your own simple party animals birthday party!

| All Sources Right Here |

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fun Bight Playroom | Interior Design

So along with Photography & Party Planning, Interior Design has been a passion of mine for years.
And this is acutally what I have a degree in. It's something that I have done here
 and there but something I am going to put into rhythm with this blog.

This was such a fun project I got to do. Along with all my passions I have I also Nanny full time.
And my boss asked me we help create a fun playroom for her daughter.
The inspiration for this room came from some fun wall decals they had let over from her nursery.
So from there I did created this mood board and shopping list and she picked out what she loved most.
Then we put it all together for a fun bright space! Check it out!

 Sources: 1- Picture Book Ledge from Land of Nod // 2- Hanging Canopy from Land of Nod // 3- Alphabet Animal Art // 4- Storage Suit Cases from Land of Nod // 5-Fur Rug from Ikea // 6- White book Shelf from Land of Nod // 7- Stripe Pillow from Pottery Barn Kids // 8- K Pillow from Land of Nod // 9- White Storage Basket from Land of Nod // 10- Stripe Storage Bins from Land of Nod // 11- Sticker Wall Art

Friday, March 31, 2017

Donut Baby Shower | Party Planning

Did you know that not only do I do photography, but I am super passionate about party planning?!?

Well I am. I had so much fun planning this Donut Baby Sprinkle for a dear friend of mine.   
A friend of our hosted at her house and did the food. 
And let me do all the decor. It was the best team ever.

And if I didn't know before this shower, I do now, that if you give me something 
that fills me up I CAN stay up late. One night, I stayed up wayyyyy past my bed time 
creating stuff for this shower and had a blast doing it. Its true, do the things that FILL YOU UP! 

So now on to all the pretty things!


Sources: Sprinkled with love Banner made with Alphabet Punch Board // Tassel Banner Similar // Donut Printable for Banner // Printable for Jars // Plates and Napkins from Home Goods

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